Sunday, January 8, 2012

Veteran Christian Soldiers and the coming Revival

For many months now, on Sunlite Saturday Night, we have been speaking of an upcoming Great Spiritual Revival. Many Christian leaders in the USA have been speaking the same thing. I have been meaning to add a new post on our blog about this also.

This afternoon, I heard a well known evangelist speaking of great moves of the spirit in the past. The first, he said was the great healing revival of the 1950's. He mentioned how many pentecostal churches were tiny and on the "wrong side of the tracks". Even until the early 1970's this was often the case. I never knew of nor was part of the 1950's move of the Holy Spirit, until much later.

The evangelist then spoke of the second great move of the spirit which was in the 1980's. I was privileged, not only to be aware of this revival, but also was part of it, first as a promotion manager and tv producer (we pioneered the first Christian 700 club promos and more) while at the Christian Broadcasting Network in Chicago. CBN saw a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God at that time, from 1972-82 when we worked there.

In January of 1983, we joined the staff of Christian television station WCFC-TV 38 in Chicago as director of Promotions and Public Relations. During our three and a half years there, we heavily promoted this Christian broadcast ministry using many media outlets including radio, outdoor advertising (billboards and signs on CTA buses, posters on "L" and Metra train platforms, and commercials in major sports broadcasts, including the White Sox, Cubs, Bulls (Michael Jordan's first year on the team) and the 1986 Super Bowl Bears broadcasts on WGN radio. I am sure that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions came to know the Lord during the time. I am confident the Lord used Channel 38 to win large numbers to the Lord.

However, that was then, and this is now, as they say. We cannot live in the past or rest on our "proverbial Laurels." For the best is yet to come. I firmly believe we, in Chicago, as well as around the world, are about to experience a might moving of the Holy Spirit, and our ministry, Sunlite Broadcasting, will play a vital role.

You notice the title of this post is about Veteran Christian soldiers. What i feel the Lord saying, is that many of those involved in the previous moves of the Spirit can be used of the Lord in the coming Revival. Think of this regarding what Newscaster Tom Brokaw said in calling the World War Two generation the finest genertion, in his book released a few years ago.

We all know some of the names of the Great Generals and Admirals of World War Two. Names like General Douglas Mac Arthur, General George Patton, Admirals Nimitz and Halsey. It's a long list. What is often forgotten, is that these military leaders also participated, over twenty years earlier, in World War I.

Likewise, among today's Christian leaders, and soon to be leaders, are many who participated in previous spiritual battles. The Good news is that the Lord wants to use them once again, in the next Harvest of Souls into the kingdom of God.
I call them "the Old War horses" who will ride again onto the spiritual battlefields of the earth and gain victories once again in the name of the Lord."

Of course, the Lord is going to use a vast army of younger people as well, on fire for the Lord, but my post today is to be an encouragement to those who witness and/or were part of the previous revivals. So be encouraged today, if you not as young as you used to be. As I said, the best is yet come!

God Bless! Pastor Allan

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