Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super Bowl XX - 25 Years Later

Twenty Five Years Ago this month, The Chicago Bears had started their trek towards the 1986 Super Bowl in New Orleans.

At the time I was working for WCFC-Tv38 in Chicago as Director of Promotions and Public Relations. We had spent the previous three years advertising the Christian TV station using almost every form of media available at the time.

We started with ads in Movie Guides that were distributed in local theaters, but quickly moved on to radio commercials on all major Chicago Stations, Ads on Billboards in the City and Suburbs, Bus displays on Chicago Transit Authority Vehicles, posters on "L" trains cards, in train stations in the Loop and the suburbs and more. We also promoted the stations on the radio broadcasts of Chicago Sports teams including the Bulls (Michael Jordan's first year) Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs and the Bears in 1984 and 1985 leading up to the Super Bowl

I noticed that Coach Mike Ditka is holding special events honoring the team this year and thought this was a good time to reflect on the opportunity the Lord provided us. Remember, this was in the days prior to the "Televangelist Scandals."

Prior to coming to Channel 38 I worked for The Christian Broadcasting Network for ten years. Pat Robertson had talked about running ads in the Super Bowl over the years, but never did it. When I came back to Chicago, I recalled his plans.

Advertising on major sports in Chicago can be very pricey, but we were able to negotiate an affordable rate with WGN radio and commercials for TV38 ran in every game including, of course, the Super Bowl XX broadcast.

I truly believe the Lord wanted the station promoted for the original vision, given to Rev. Owen Carr, the founder, of the station. This vision was "Winning Chicagoland for Christ." I have no idea of how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of people watched Channel 38 for the first time as a result of the advertising. However, I am sure that many gave their lives to Jesus Christ as a result.

For those of us who worked for TV38 at the time, we have the satisfaction of knowing we were all called "for such a time as this." I believe we redeemed the time and have just as much to celebrate at this time as the 1985 Super Bowl Bears.

Finally, I urge all of you, especially those of you in Media to take advantage of new opportunities for spreading the Gospel. As for us, we have pioneered in internet radio and TV broadcasts for the past 13 years. Sunlite Broadcasting will also celebrate its 25th anniversary next spring.